Anthonys of Guilford
Thursday Night Veal Specials – Your Choice $16.95ea.
Inculdes soup or house salad assorted breads and butter
Veal chef - veal cutlet topped with shrimp, scallops, crabmeat, mozzarella
Veal valvestano - egg batter; topped with eggplant ham, mozzarella, mushroom brown sauce
Veal braciole - rolled with ham, spinach, mozzarella, marinara
Veal shrimp florentine - over spinach, lemon wine sauce
Veal sorrento - ham, eggplant, mozzarella, marinara
Veal & broccoli - sautéed with fresh broccoli, over pasta
Veal cordon blu - egg batter, topped with ham & provolone, creamy brandy brown sauce
Veal capri - egg batter, bacon, mushroom, sweet peas, cream sauce
Veal arrabiate- spicy marinara, grated romano, over pasta
Veal bosciola - capers, olives, onion, mushroom, marinara, over pasta
Veal milanese - veal cutlet, lemon wine sauce, garnished wianchovie & olive
Veal cardinale - roasted pepper, mushroom, shallot, marsala brown sauce
Veal pignoli - artichoke, sweet peas, mushroom, pignoli, white wine reduction
Veal parmigiano - veal cutiet, meat sauce, mozzarella
Veal marsala - mushrooms, chopped prosciutto, marsala brown sauce
Veal artichoke - artchoke hearts, provolone, garlic white wine sauce
Veal saltimbocca - prosciutto, mozzarella, mushroom wine sauce, over fettuccini
Veal surf - scallops, crabmeat marinara, over pasta
Veal florentine - egg batter, lemon wine sauce, over spinach
Veal piccata - capers, mushrooms, lemon wine sauce